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Monocle is a predictive analytics platform that is powering the next generation of eCommerce. It shows you key insights across your business so you can make decisions based on data, not guesses using our inventory forecasting software.

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Reliable Demand Forecasting

Know what products are going to stock-out before they do. Monocle utilizes stock forecasting tools with enhanced machine learning model to forecast future demand so you can reorder more inventory at the right time.


Intelligent Order Associations

Discover which products customers are purchasing together to drive sales. Through a sophisticated AI engine, Monocle conducts Market Basket Analysis to reveal which items are commonly purchased together.

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Smarter Product Insights

Reveal hidden trends to empower your team to plan ahead. Deep statistical analysis reveals which days of the week products are most commonly purchased on.

Better Organization

Centralize your outbound purchase orders in a single, organized location. Automatically create purchase orders for products that are nearing stock-out and manage inventory shipments.

Automated Material Tracking

Have an accurate count of how many materials are left and be alerted when you're close to running out. Monocle's inventory forecast software immediately deducts materials as products are sold or when purchase orders are created.

Above and Beyond Support

Our team of experts will work with you to make sure that your implementation of Monocle is a success. We'll help you configure our stock prediction software to meet your needs and train your staff, while providing ongoing support.

Discover hidden trends

Monocles advanced AI goes beyond statistics to reveal trends hidden deep in your data

  • Advanced ML based forecasting
  • Day-analysis to discover day trends
  • AI based product associations
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Create purchase orders with ease

Smart POs advise you on what to reorder, when to reorder, and how much to reorder.

Get accurate data

Monocle answers your concerns:

What to order

Get accurate demand and days to stock out. Automate purchase planning so you can always have what you need for your next sales cycle.

When to order

Have up-to-date inventory, storage, sales velocity, and demand. Get timely order suggestions so you're never left guessing.

How much to stock

Get inventory requirements for every node, for every SKU. So you avoid out-of-stock situations, even during demand spikes.

Why to order

Our tool suggests how to move stock within your supply chain. So you'll always have products available across cities.