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Revolutionise your eCom with Monocle's ecommerce inventory forecasting

Experience growth with Monocle: predictive analytics for precise inventory management and strategic decisions, optimizing your eCommerce.

Loved by eCommerce companies and investors of all shapes and sizes that need inventory forecasting software

Keep an eye on your ops. No glasses needed.

Take the guesswork out of your planning and supply chain processes. Reduce stockouts & markdowns with AI inventory forecasting software built for modern commerce.

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Monocle App ScreenshotMonocle App Screenshot
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Simplify with AI Insights

Instant clarity on operations with Monocle's AI, integrating your data for quick, impactful decisions.

Efficiency Meets Simplicity

Optimal operations without complexity. Monocle combines deep functionality with friendly design for streamlined productivity.

Grow Effortlessly

Easily scale your eCommerce with adaptable features that grow as you do. Monocle evolves with your needs.

Monocle helps you
buy less and sell more.

Monocle is the catalyst for eCommerce innovation, merging inventory forecasting software with agile decision-making. It optimizes operations, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional customer experiences that foster loyalty and drive growth.

Anticipate Market Demands

Navigating the fast-paced world of eCommerce requires a forward-thinking approach.

Leverage Monocle's advanced AI to analyze trends, predict demand, and ensure your inventory levels are always optimized for upcoming market shifts.

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Streamline Your eCom Operations

Things can get messy when sourcing components from multiple suppliers and geographies.

With Monocle, unify your operational data, automate critical workflows, and free up time to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Minimize Excess Inventory and Reduce Costs

Holding too much stock ties up valuable resources and increases operational costs.

Monocle's predictive insights help you maintain the perfect balance of stock—reducing holding costs and minimizing the risk of markdowns, boosting your bottom line.

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Sharpen Your Focus
Ecommerce inventory forecasting

Anticipate Market Trends

Utilize cutting-edge forecasting tools to stay one step ahead in inventory management.

Optimize Inventory Levels

 Ensure optimal stock availability by accurately predicting future demand.

Prevent Stockouts

Balance your inventory to meet demand without excess, saving on storage and minimizing lost sales.

Reliable Demand Forecasting

Monocle boosts stock forecasting with AI for early stock-out alerts & smart inventory decisions.

Monocle App ScreenshotMonocle App Screenshot

Enhance Sales Strategies

Discover product combinations that customers love, driving additional sales.


Offer tailored suggestions that encourage larger order values.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage AI insights to fine-tune your inventory and marketing strategies.

Intelligent Order Associations

AI-driven Market Basket Analysis identifies complementary products, enhancing cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Real-Time Material Counts

Always know your material inventory levels.

Prevent Material Shortages

Get alerts before running out, ensuring uninterrupted production

Automated Inventory Adjustments

By monitoring stock health per individual SKU and bundle. Know what to re-order, when and in what quantity.

Automated Material Tracking

Guarantees real-time operational visibility, precise counts, and auto-adjustments to prevent material shortages.

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Reveal Purchasing Trends

Understand customer buying behavior to anticipate demand.

Informed Inventory Planning

Know when to stock up on popular items to meet customer expectations.

Strategic Decision Making

 Use insights to make informed decisions on product promotions and stock levels.

Smarter Product Insights

Analytics reveal buying trends for smarter stocking, showing favored products by day for a competitive edge.

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Dedicated Support

Benefit from hands-on help setting up and optimizing Monocle for your business.

Expert Training and Guidance

Receive expert training to maximize your team’s efficiency.

Ongoing Assistance

Count on us for continuous support, keeping your operations smooth and efficient

Above and Beyond Support

Experience unparalleled support: enjoy effortless setup, comprehensive training, and continuous assistance.

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Centralized Purchase Orders

Keep all your purchase orders in one accessible place.

Automated Reordering

Prevent stock-outs with automated alerts and purchase order creation.

Efficient  Management

Simplify the management of shipments and inventory levels across all channels.

Better Organization

Inventory forecasting tools via automated purchase orders creation, enabling efficient replenishment and management of shipments.

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Through the Lens of Success
Our Customer Stories

Peek through the Monocle to witness the transformative outcomes our clients achieve. Their success stories illuminate the path to optimized operations and unparalleled growth with our inventory forecasting tool

This is a game changer. Its standout feature is predicting reorder dates and stock-out dates, which will help me keep my inventory levels optimal.
Nuvelio Naturals
United States
Best inventory forecasting tool we've found to inform our inventory purchases and re-orders! It tells you when to order based off the history of sales on that product. If you want to get a handle on your inventory for once, get this app.
Thirty Seconds Out
United States
Fantastic App! Great for a Shopify Store and am being told the big plans for the marketplaces as well. :-)
United States
We have been looking for a solution to prevent running out of stock, optimizing stock levels and simplifying purchase orders. Looks like I might have just found exactly what I need
This app was super helpful in managing inventory in a highly visual way. It’s saved us time forecasting and has helped my team and I make much better, faster inventory decisions.
Preening New York
United Stages
Seeing analytics/forecasts for each variant has been incredibly useful in understanding demand and knowing when I will stock out on product. All-in-all, I'm probably saving 5 days a month in demand planning and purchase order creation & tracking."
United States
Great app for managing inventory in a straightforward way. You can easily see what is on order and what is forecast - very user friendly. We tried a lot of other apps before we came across this one and were about to give up our search.
Naked Sprout®
United Kingdom
Untitled has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects in hours.
Kelly Williams
Head of Design, Layers
Love the simplicity and the prompt customer support.
Koray Okumus
UX Designer, Circooles
We’ve been using Untitled to kick start every new project. I can’t imagine working without it.
Lyle Kauffman
Data Engineer, Catalog

We're here to answer all your questions.

Learn more about how Monocle can super charge your operations

Is Monocle Compatible With My Store?

Absolutely! Monocle is designed to integrate flawlessly with both Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. It's the perfect solution for store owners who oversee an inventory of 20 or more SKUs and possess a rich order history of at least 12 months for the majority of their items. Choose Monocle to enhance your online store's efficiency and insights!

How Quickly Can I Get Monocle Up and Running?

Monocle's setup is quick and hassle-free, enabling immediate integration with your store in mere minutes through our straightforward plug-and-play approach. While our sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms get to work on optimizing your data—a process that might extend the setup duration slightly—this initial step is crucial for customizing Monocle to your specific business needs, ensuring you reap significant benefits in the long run.
For an even smoother start, we highly recommend our 30-minute onboarding call, designed to fast-track your familiarity with Monocle's comprehensive features. With Monocle, a brief wait sets the stage for lasting success.

Do I Need Monocle if I Already Have an IMS?

Absolutely. Monocle enhances your existing IMS by adding advanced ecommerce inventory forecasting and optimization capabilities, enabling you to anticipate market demands and manage inventory more effectively. This strategic addition helps mitigate overstock and stockout issues, ensuring your business stays ahead in a dynamic market environment. Monocle equips you to make informed, proactive decisions for your inventory management.

Are There Any Extra Charges Involved?

At Monocle, we've adopted a straightforward pricing model that charges per store, not per user. We're committed to supporting your growth and believe in the power of teamwork. That's why we've decided against imposing additional fees for each team member. With Monocle, your entire team can enjoy full access, enabling everyone to contribute to your success without worrying about extra costs.
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